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Taelek is located in Finland. A country of chill cold winters, advanced technology and some of the finest pieces of Scandinavian design. The contrast between the deep dark winter, nightless summer, arctic light and dense woods has made us good at playing with light and warmth. Since 2005, Taelek has worked hard to make homes more comfortable and energy-efficient. Today, far more than one hundred thousand thermostat products all over Europe work day after day to benefit our mission. Taelek – Innovations for a More Comfortable World.





Tsense eco plug. Wifi electricity spot price automator.

Tsense 3phase IP44 3x8A or 1x10A.  Spot price automator relay. AVAILABLE NOW

Our Story


Until now, the consumer has had to select between affordable, reliable, easy-to use knob thermostats and expensive, programmable, energy-saving thermostats. Our patented innovation enables users to program line voltage knob thermostats. Tsense thermostats look and work like traditional line voltage heating controls but include a Bluetooth 4 interface. By downloading our free iOS or Android ecoControl app, you can connect and master the weekly schedule and settings of your displayless Tsense thermostat.

patented technology


Tsense is full of protected innovations. Our Norwegian patent, European patent, US patent, and CA patent ensure that Taelek’s eco pearls are available only in Tsense products and only through our official qualified licencee partners. Every unit is manufactured with and tested for the highest quality with the highest responsibility and respect for nature and our spectacular manufacturing people.

The benefits

Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean

Tsense is approx. 50% cheaper than the average smart thermostat on the market. It saves as much energy as any high-cost programmable thermostat. It is 100% reliable — it functions fully even if your network is down, it cannot be threatened through your Wi-Fi, and the turning of the dial works exactly like your old-fashioned thermostat. You can change its setpoint even when the power is cut off. Your grandma won’t notice the difference from the old thermostat, and your grandchild will program it to save heating energy.


Taelek ecoControl is a general purpose Bluetooth 4 thermostat app. It is made to be the easiest way to set up, control and monitor low-cost programmable thermostats. We have several OEM customers and, of course, Tsense devices receive 100% support.


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